Hire Instructors


Learn from the best!  Our dance instructors have over 15 years of experience teaching at events both large and small.  The goal of our dance instructors is to bring fun, involved entertainment for the whole crowd so that your event is not only a success, but memorable as well.  The interaction between the instructor and the crowd is extremely entertaining, and not just for those learning to dance, but also for those who just want to sit back and watch.  In addition the dance instructor will adjust the level of difficulty of the dancing to cater to the crowd’s age and abilities to make sure everyone who wants to participate is able. 

Country dancing is one of the best types of dancing for events and big crowds, especially for people who don’t have much dance experience.  Line dancing is a huge crowd pleaser because it is simple, fun, energetic and anyone can do it, even if they have never danced before.  Swing dancing is also extremely popular at events because it’s a very simple to learn partner dance, just like line dancing it can be learned quickly and easily and is great for all ages.  At your event, when it’s time for the entertainment, sequencing the events is important to achieve your goals.  If your goal is maximum participation, the instructor will start out with line dancing to get everyone involved, and to bring an exciting, fun energy level into the room.  Then as people start to slow down, the instructor switches to swing dance instruction to bring a slower paced, more relaxed, and intimate setting to finish up the evening.

Whatever your needs are for dancing entertainment at your event, our instructors can plan with you the perfect types of dancing, and arrange the schedule to make sure it’s a big success.

Most of our dance instructors specialize in country western swing dancing, line dancing, and square dancing.  However, a select few of our instructors are versed in both country western, and ballroom dance.  Give us a call and let us know what you need for your event and we will find the perfect instructor to fit your budget and event needs.  Whether you need a dance instructor for a small intimate wedding, or entertainment for a corporate event with hundreds of guests we have the perfect dance instructors.  We have taught country dancing at thousands of events over the years including company parties, corporate events, weddings, town festivals, fairs, and concerts. 

Depending on the size of your venue and expected attendance, a PA or loudspeaker sound system is almost always required for our dance instructors to be able to provide you with superior entertainment.  We have packages that include both a dance instructor and a DJ with all the necessary music, sound equipment, and microphones necessary for your entire event.  Ask about a package deal when you call to book your event.

Our dance instructors travel all over Utah, and even travel nationwide!  If you want the best dancing entertainment at you event, call for pricing and availability today!