Country Dance Music

 Line Dance Music - Click here

Here are a few of the most popular line dances around, and a couple of the songs they are most frequently danced to!

Swing Dance Music - Click here

Listen to these great country songs for swing dancing.

Two Step Music - Click here

Listen to these great two step songs and download your favorites.

If you are looking for some good songs for country dancing look no further!  If you are looking for songs for country dancing or for a country western party, you'll want a good variety of beats as different types of rhythms are for different types of dances. Above you will find links to line dance songs, country swing songs, or two step songs. Keep in mind some songs are for a very specific dance, and other songs can be used for various different dances.  One good thing to take note of is that almost all two step songs make good swing dance songs.  But not all good swing songs have the right rhythm for the two step.  Country Swing Dancing, often called cowboy swing, originated at bars and rodeos and is a very informal, fun, easy to learn dance.  What does this have to do with the music you may ask?  Well, the lack of structure and formality in the basics of the dance makes it kind of a free for all type of dance, which means the same thing goes for the music.  You can country swing dance to almost any type of country song.  Many folks even enjoy swing dancing to slow songs.  So use this as a guide for a few of our favorites, but this isn't even close to an all inclusive list. is that there isn't Browse Country Swing, Two-Step, and Line dance music right here.  Pick from some of the best classics, and some of the newest hits for all your dancing needs!