Swing Dance Music


Great Country Swing Dance Songs

Swing dance music can be complicated, because there are so many different kinds of swing dancing.  Below you will find a list of west coast swing songs, and be sure to check out our two step music page too as those are awesome songs for country swing dancing.  Below the songs you will find explanations for the two most popular types of country swing, how they differ and how to tell what kind you want.

Hicktown by Jason Aldean - a great westcoast swing song, 122 BPM - Good rockin feel to this one

Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood - Another great rockin West Coast Swing Song, 120 BPM great beat!
Steam by Ty Herndon - This is a slower, very smooth westcoast, tons of fun.
Ready to Rock by Aaron Tippin - Another great rockin west coast
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins - a great West Coast Swing song at 115 BPM
Ladies Love Country Boys by Trace Adkins - Similar to Honky Tonk at 117 BPM
Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts - Awesome grove to this West Coast song at 109 BPM
If you're Not in it For Love by Shania Twain - This one comes in at 120 BMP
No News by Lonestar - Nice beat to this West Coast Swing song at 116 BPM
I'm From the Country by Tracy Bird - A little bit faster west coast at 130 BPM
Rock my World by Brooks and Dunn - 121 BPM from a classic West Coast Song

If you are looking for music to do a basic, four count, country swing, then almost any fast song will work.  It really depends on what you like to dance to.  One good thing to take note of is that almost all two step songs make good country swing dance songs and two steps typically have a good rocking beat. So here is a good way to find out what kind of music you prefer... listen to some of the songs that are considered great songs for West Coast Swing, and then go to the two step music page and listen to some two step songs.  Try swing dancing to both.  Two step songs are typically fast, and very upbeat.  West coast swing is also very upbeat, but a slightly slower tempo, which gives a smoother feel to them for swing dancing.  Try out both, and see which ones you prefer to dance to. 

If you want technical differences, two step is typically danced to songs that are between 160-192 BPM, and west coast is typically danced to songs ranging from 112-150 BPM.  Experts differ in opinion, on what constitutes the perfect West Coast song, but the ideal west coast is considered by most to be 128 BPM.  Below is a list of West Coast Swing Songs, and you can listen to them right here using the tool below.