Swing Dance Lessons on DVD (2 Disc Set)

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Learn the basics:
Step by Step instruction at the perfect pace
Progress to intermediate:
Learn more than 25 impressive country swing moves
Learn a few advanced moves, spins, and dips
2 Disc Set:
Almost 2 hours of content (110 Minutes)

Product Overview

Swing Dance Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2 (Two Disc Set)

Learn how to Country Swing Dance from the best swing dance instructional DVDs available! If you have ever wanted to learn to dance, this is the DVD set for you. You will be out dancing, meeting new people, and tearing up the dance floor in no time through this simple, easy to follow instructional format. You get to take swing dance lessons on DVD!

If you have every wanted to learn how to swing dance, there is no better way than a swing dance instructional DVD. Instructional swing dance DVDs are the best way to learn to swing dance because you get to learn right from the comfort of your own home. In this DVD set each move is its own chapter within the DVD, so you can skip back easily to repeat the moves until you have them down. There is no better way to get swing dance instruction!

Volume 1 is all about the basics. The instruction starts off with the basic step and four basic turns. You will learn to combine those into a few simple patterns that you can use as a platform for your dancing. Then start to learn fun, but simple swing moves to get you into full dance mode. As you progress through the instructional swing dance DVD, you practice with the instructors to music to help you fine tune and polish your dancing. Best of all, this DVD instruction is set up to let you go at your own pace. Each dance move is its own chapter in the DVD, so if you aren't ready to move on simply skip back and do that piece again!

Volume 2 Steps it up a notch! You will learn more complicated moves, combinations, and even a few dips that will take your dancing to the next level!

“These instructional swing dance DVDs are the way to go. I tried to take lessons at a club in a big group, and it was very difficult for me. I had never danced before, so the instructor was going too fast for me to catch on. I never would have thought to take swing dance lessons from a DVD, but a friend of mine told me that he learned that way, so I hesitantly gave it shot. It was awesome, I will never take dance lessons any other way! At home I don’t feel like everyone is watching me screw up, and I get to control the pace. Loved it, what a great way to learn how to dance. My wife has always wanted me to be able to take her dancing and now I can, thanks guys!” Gary W.

Country Dancing as a genre of dance is great for people who are just getting into dance. The casual, relaxed, and more laid back structure is great for beginners because they don’t have to worry about dancing exactly perfect, especially with Country Swing Dancing. You can just get out and dance and have fun, without having to pay attention to multiple tiny bits of technique and meticulously placed steps. There is no better way to get into dancing, because most people find swing dance instruction the easiest to follow!

Country Swing dancing is also fantastic exercise! After dancing three songs straight, you will have your heart rate up and will be breaking a sweat, all while doing something you enjoy. Take your swing dance lessons on DVD, and then head out to a dance hall to polish and show your new skills, and to get a fantastic dose of low impact cardiovascular exercise from a full night of dancing.