Two Step Dance Lessons on DVD

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Learn the basics:
and some of the funnest turns and moves

Product Overview

Learn Country Western Two Step! You will be out meeting new people, and two stepping before you know it! Learn the basics of country western Two Step in a simple, easy to follow format. The instructors walk you through all the important aspects of Two Step including: frame, rhythm, various dance positions, turns and moves. You will learn each piece step by step, and you even get to practice to music with the instructors as you go. Get a solid foundation, get dancing in no time, and most important do it all at your own pace!

Country Dancing is a great way to get into dancing. Two Step is a very fun, intricate dance and learning two step will make you a better dancer! If you are brand new to dancing, also check out Learn to Swing Dance on DVD Vol 1 & 2 right here on our website. Country Swing Dancing is the simplest and easiest type of dance to learn and is also a great place for beginners to start.

If you want to expand your country dancing horizons further, check out Line Dance Lessons on DVD Vol 1 & 2, also right here on our webiste!